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Where to spend your holidays in the caribbean

Where to spend your holidays in the caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are a tropical oasis where visitors can relax and leave the stress of their daily lives behind. Located in an area of warm Atlantic waters just east of Central America, the Caribbean is made up of thousands of islands owned by a handful of island nations, each with their own unique personality. For great packaged deals to locations throughout the Caribbean, try checking out for a look at some of your options.

Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the Caribbean’s most famous islands, and is the 4th largest nation in the region. Many visit Jamaica for its unique history and party atmosphere. The cultural heart and capital of the country is Kingston which still features many old colonial buildings. One of the highlights of Kingston is the Georgian-style Devon House. Sitting on 11-acres, the mansion was built by one of Jamaica’s first black millionaires and now acts as a heritage site for the country. For those looking for Jamaica’s infamous party scene, head to Montego Bay and Negril. In the spring and summer, these spots feature live reggae-music, parties and beach volleyball tournaments.

One facet of the Caribbean that is often overlooked is the tropical jungle interior of many of its islands. Nicknamed the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica is one of the island-chain’s hidden gems. Filled with excellent hiking trails and diving opportunities, adventure-seekers and nature-enthusiasts will fall in love with the island of Dominica. The Waitukubuli National Trail is the latest route to be opened on Dominica and bisects the island from north to south, passing through volcanic peaks and boiling lakes. The trail is composed of several different sections, many of which can be tackled by casual hikers and beginners. More experienced hikers can choose to take on the entire trail, which takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. Diving is another one of Dominica’s popular attractions. Not only do the waters surrounding the island feature colourful sea life in the form sea turtles and seahorses, but there are also active underwater volcanoes which form bubbles that rise to the surface.

In the 17th century, the Bahamas was an infamous spot for pirates, and the island’s colourful maritime past has not been forgotten. Capital city Nassau features a historic downtown, built mainly in the 1800s. Near the coast, there are also several centuries-old forts that visitors can tour. One of the highlights of Nassau is its Pirate Museum, which is located downtown and provides a family-friendly look at the Bahamas’ history with pirates and other maritime activities. The museum features interactive displays and a recreated pirate ship.

Across the Caribbean Islands there are of course countless stunning beaches well suited for sunbathing, relaxing and the whole range of water sports you can imagine. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at what each major island has to offer as you’ll often find a surprising array of activities and attractions inland. From maritime history to underwater volcanoes and boiling lakes, the Caribbean is a multi-faceted holiday destination with more than meets the eye.


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